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It is such an enjoyable journey to watch this film. Stunning choreography and special effects, spectacular cinematography (which makes Keanu Reeves look and the theme of the story – the ‘real’ world and the virtual world.
Personally, I find our real world nearly surreal, almost a dream. But in this movie, you can live a more real life in the virtual world, where it appears to be a dream but it’s not entirely so. You can learn so many different things much faster by getting those programmes into your head. In the virtual world you look a lot better, you can be your ‘real’ self, that is to say, to be able to use your potential to prove to the world that you’re someone special.
To me, this film has inspired me in some way. The reality is, we are getting closer and closer to that virtual paradise (a paradise with commotion, of course.
If you’re already a fan of Keanu’s, than I suppose you will say to yourself ‘Keanu Reeves is my hero! I want to be like him. if you’re not really a fan, than it’s most definitely sure that you’ll become one after you see ‘The Matrix.

I watched it as it was just released so before it became so popular but, as far as I am concerned, I fell asleep half way. I remember a science fiction film with a lot of action, actors not so charismatic, and waking up surrounded with a lot of noise. It may be a great film but I simply missed it.


Finally a great SF movie, which can offer Special Effects AND a good story: In the tradition of Lem and Dick – and even a bit of “Dune. Go and watch it.
Brilliant Film For the key to interpretation, check the words of the guy at the start of the film who knocks at Neo’s door. Listen to his response when Neo gives him the computer disk.


This movies directing is amazing and the story is great! Can’t wait for the Matrix 4.



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